Warranty information FemStar products

  1. The guarantee period is 24 months from the purchase date as mentioned on the sales receipt.
  2. Registrate your USA/CA product within 10 days after purchase of the product on the website of Femstar innovations BV (www.femstarinnovations.com) or by sending the included USA/CA warranty card.
  3. To claim any guarantee the next documents are required:
    – (a copy) of the sales receipt.
    – A clear description of the defect.
    – Clear pictures of the defect product.
    – Picture of the serial number on the product.
  4. The warranty is not transferable and only applies to the first owner.

How can I claim guarantee

  • When your product is damaged stop using it immediately because of safety. Directly report the defect at the store where you have bought it. Above mentioned documents will be needed. If the store cannot solve the damage please contact our customer service at warranty@femstarinnovations.com
  • For complains after the guarantee period you can contact your store or send us an email at warranty@femstarinnovations.com

What is not covered by the guarantee

  • If you have made, or let made, repairs on the product without an in advance written approval of Femstar Innovations BV.
  • All defects that are caused by improper use of the product other than those specified in the user manual.
  • When the serial number is damaged or removed from the product.
  • Normal wear of the product because of use.
  • Improper storage and/or care.
  • Transport damage. Always inspect your product after transport by a 3rd party. By example air company. When you see the product is damaged after transport directly claim your transport company.
  • The products are not treated with a UV protector. The colour of the products can be affected by sunlight.

Terms of warranty (Limited warranty)

 <1 Month1-12 Months12-24 Months
Releasing seams or tearingVV
Visable wearV?
Scratches / dents?
Loose partsVV?
Not mentioned defect???
Loose partsV??
Visable wearV?

(No rights can be granted to this table, this table is only an indication.)

V = Full warranty
? = In consultation
= No warranty